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If you're shopping at an army navy surplus store, there are various surplus clothes you might be looking for. If you want to know more about army and navy surplus stores, it can help to understand what types of items you might be able to procure from them. In terms of those who shop at these types of stores, they're not just for army and navy purchases and are open to the public. Shopping here can provide useful products at great prices and can include items you might not find elsewhere. Shopping at army navy online surplus stores can be helpful to people who want items for fishing, camping, survival and for work safety as well as household uses as well.

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Here's an overview of some of the clothing available from an army navy online store.

Army Surplus Supplies - Coats

You might have a particular style in mind that you're looking for with respect to clothing from an army navy surplus supplier. Perhaps you want something with a camouflage pattern or a coat designed specifically for hunting or fishing or wilderness survival. You can find coats with various features and benefits that include winter camouflaged, weather resistance, a lightweight feel to it, special pockets for ammo and more. You might have a particular coat in mind for a uniform such as with scouts or cadets as well.

Army Navy Essentials - Gloves

Gloves aren't just for the elements but can be a requirement when doing outdoor activities like hiking, playing sports or sporting events like fishing, hunting and working. You want gloves that fit well and that deal with the weather appropriately. Perhaps you need more than one pair. One for winter and another for summer in terms of work and you might also need gloves that protect your hands from chemicals.

Safety and Outdoor Apparel

Army and navy surplus online options for buying safety apparel could far outnumber the choices you have locally. Whether you want safety apparel for work, for your hobbies, for around the house or for emergency preparedness, you can find a great number of online options such as: surplus leggings, helmets, glasses and goggles, gas masks and filters, and more.

Outdoor Safety and Hobby Footwear

Army navy surplus store options for footwear such as shoes and boots are plentiful. If you want extremely cold temperature footwear, military spec boots, steel-toed boots, insoles or laces, combat boots, fabric liners, leather or suede protectant, foot powder and black polish you can find an array of options online.

You can find some great deals online. Today, more online suppliers than ever are catering to those that want availability to army navy surplus items so the pricing is increasingly competitive. You don't have to expect to pay a premium to have the convenience of buying from an army navy surplus store online and just as your local supplier of items for fishing, hunting, army supply and camping will have end of season sales or promotions, you'll find great deals online as well.