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Want to learn more about camo gear? Funnily enough, you'll see an awful lot of people dressed in camouflage clothing today but most of them aren't doing it with function in mind. The function of this product is not even quite as popular as the fashion. You'll see men, women , children and even babies sporting camo gear today. Although it's meant to help people blend into their surroundings for hunting or in a wartime scenario, pink camo doesn't really hit the mark on that, does it? Despite the fashion camo you'll find in the stores, you might still need to blend in with your environment for reasons such as hunting or for strategy.

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If you're using camo for hunting, you've got two goals in terms of stealth:

1. Sight

2. Scent

Sound is a given but in terms of sight, you don't want to be seen and you definitely don't want to be detected by the nose of your prey. Men have a very distinct smell that animals can smell from miles around. As a result, special shampoos or soaps can be used for your clothes and your gear and you'll want to store these items separately in your house so that they don't pick up scents from your home. You'll also want to use a scent spray on yourself that smells like something such as earth. It might not seem pleasant to smell literally like dirt but if your prey can smell you, they'll be warier.

You'll find the typical army camo gear as well as black and white came and white winter camo options as well. You'll find a whole lot of camo products from an army and navy surplus store that you can use in hunting and survival situations.

Obviously, if you're not in a solider scenario, you might not need to own a pair of camo pants but if you're a hunter, you need to blend your scent and your appearance with your surroundings and camouflage hunting gear and successful scent masking can mean the difference between making a catch and getting skunked in the bush. Here are just a few of the camo gear items you might consider:

* Coats, pants, hat, gloves and boots

* Gun cases, camo tree stands and blinds for hunting

* Tents, back packs, picnic or utility tables

* Vests, binoculars, canteens

Where can you get great camo gear? There are some online military surplus stores that present a great option for getting a wide array of camouflage products for various needs. If you're searching for an online supplier and find some products you're interested in, you could have the benefit of getting your goods delivered directly to you quickly.

Most hunters find it a little odd to see people wearing designer camo clothing with matching handbags and while they may see absolutely no purpose in pink and black camouflage patterns, the availability factor of camo gear makes it easy to get ahold of, which is helpful.