Military Surplus Equipment

If you want to know how to get military surplus equipment, there are several ways you can do this. You might have a real interest in collectibles from various countries and eras and be interested in British military surplus, German military surplus as well as American surplus as well. Let's look at a few ways you can go about acquiring the items you're looking for:

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* Garage Sales

* Private Sales

* Auctions

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Garage sales can be a goldmine. Quite often, people have no idea how valuable the items they're selling off for a quarter or a few dollars really are. Value is in the eye of the beholder, though. If you have a pride in collecting some militia items you might be tickled to find something at a yard sale for a low price. Quite often, people have remnants of collections from their relatives or items that belonged to family members who were veterans. When you peruse your local classified listings for garage sales, scan for the words military, army and navy.

Private Sales. Sometimes, collectors need to sell off their collection and this can work in your favor. They might need the room or they could need the money and you can find some great collectibles.


Sometimes, estate sales or private sales happen at auctions. You can find all sorts of items at auctions and finding an auction in an area that might not have a lot of military collectors could work in your favor in terms of finding things like: guns, helmets, liquid storage bladders, fuel bladders, ammo cases and tubes, shell casings, stamps, art, manuals and more. You can visit local auctions or bid on online auctions as well as auction sites.

Military Surplus Equipment Retailers

There are many surplus stores that operate in a brick and mortar shop as well as online. This can be a great source for collectibles as well as items you'll actually use for emergency preparedness, hunting, fishing, camping and for work.

If you are looking for a particular item and don't know how you'll acquire it, it could take time to find it. You might consider contacting your local military surplus store as well as a favorite online store to ask about availability of an item you want. Even if you don't see something listed on a website for an online retailer, this may be something the retailer has access to for you or can watch for.

If you have military surplus equipment of your own that you're looking to unload, you can do so via selling it privately through classified advertisements locally, online or both and you could also put up your items for auction as well as contact military surplus equipment stores to find out if they're looking to either buy what you're selling or interested in taking it on consignment.