Surplus Ammo

Are you curious about where surplus ammo comes from? It can be found from many brick and mortar stores as well as online suppliers who buy it from a number of sources including from the military in various countries and from collectors as well.

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Buying surplus military products might be useful and cost effective for people who need these and want these items for various reasons including: hunting, fishing, work, emergency preparedness, camping and because they're hobbyists as well.

Not just individuals but also organizations might have need for items from a surplus ammo supplier for training, for gun clubs and for their own collection.

Surplus ammunition as well as other military supplies can be bought in small quantities as well as in bulk. In bulk, you often get the best discount on surplus ammo as well as other items.

When looking for surplus ammo, here are a few things you might find:

* Ammunition storage containers

* Ammo pouches or belts

* Hunting supplies

* Targets

* Hunting attire

* Militia memorable and more

Hunting, Fishing and Hobby Supplies

Hunters can find great hunting and outdoor gear including: binoculars, scopes, knives, utility belts, tents, camping gear, scent spray and more. Those who are members of gun clubs and shooting ranges might want supplies such as targets, videos, ear protection and safety glasses. For outdoor enthusiasts who play war games or do paint balling, they might want outdoor footwear, weather appropriate clothing and other similar items.

Emergency Survival Products

Buying your surplus ammunition accessories online is convenient. You can view specs on the product and find brand name or collectible items as well. Beyond ammo supplies you might also be interested in getting your stockpile together in case of an emergency, which could include such items such as:

* Tools

* First aid kit

* A multi-day survival kit

* Radiation detector

* Gas mask

* Caution tape

* Chemical protection kits

* Gloves

* Compass

* Flashlights

* Disaster blankets

* Cooking kits

* Camp stoves

* Fuel

* Fallout kits

* Helmets

* Flints

* Head lamp

* Light sticks

* Flares

* Germicidal tablets to create safe drinking water

* Sand bags for floods

Emergency Preparedness

It might seem a bit overkill to imagine needing some of the above items but emergency preparedness is something that many people are taking seriously today due to weather conditions, terrorist threats and potential for blackouts. It's strongly suggested that people have stockpiles of food and the ability to survive at home for at least a week without outside help.

Buying products to help you do that from your surplus ammo and military items supplier is a wise decision as this type of supplier is very likely to have items you'd need as well as helpful items you may not have known existed.