U.S. Army Surplus

US Army Surplus stores are readily available online. It wasn't always this way, though. The army surplus area of shopping has definitely evolved over the years.

With the fact that the US government regularly has surplus auctions, many retailers take advantage of this. Not only will a retailer buy excess Army, Navy and Air Force items but the retailer might also buy sought after items owned by individuals either outright or on consignment as well.

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After major changes in government or after things end, the government will often sell off goods at discount prices in order to recoup some costs. Because it can be difficult to ascertain when a war effort or combat situation might end, the government often produces mass amounts of supplies well in advance to meet the needs of the current scenario. After Dessert Storm, for instance, retailers may have had an opportunity to purchase large amounts of US Army surplus uniforms and gear.

In terms of history, many governments had catalogues of excess inventory available so people could purchase from them directly and today you'll find many retailers attend auctions offline and online to purchase surplus inventory.

Retailers will often buy these types of items from more than just the US government. They might also buy from foreign governments as well such as Canada and the U.K.

Many people look for military surplus stores for camping and hunting goods as well as for putting together their own survival kit. The pricing can be excellent and the variety can be very helpful. The government will often sell off various items including:

* Aircraft parts and accessories

* Automobiles

* Automobile parts and accessories

* Electrical equipment

* Medical equipment and supplies

* Navy and Army surplus uniforms

* Marine equipment

* Construction items

You'll find surplus stores all over the world who sell various items such as: army surplus pants, boots and shirts, consignment items, collectible memorabilia and more through their army surplus shop. On a regular basis you'll hear of army surplus sales where inventory is sold off at a discount. At times, large lots of goods are bought and they don't sell as quickly as the retailer had hoped so pricing gets slashed. By visiting online surplus stores and subscribing as a customer to their newsletters or mailing list you can find out about upcoming sales that can save you a small fortune. If you're an avid camper, sportsman, angler or hunter this could be quite beneficial.

With the increase of shopping on the Internet, there has been an evolution of army navy surplus from catalogues to corner stores to cyberspace. You'll find a wealth of options that cater to active outdoorsmen and women as well as for collectors. Whether you're looking for outdoor accessories, for survival goods or for memorabilia, you'll find many options for online US Army surplus shops.