Used Military Trucks

Do you want to find used military trucks? There are some great sources for military vehicles such as: surplus military trucks, military 2 1/2 ton trucks for sale and you might even find a deuce and a half for sale. Whether you want one of these to put on the road right away or just to tinker with, you might be surprised at the availability beyond your own local classified ads.

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Why buy a used military truck?

The ruggedness and sturdiness of these vehicles makes them a sought after thing for many people, especially hunters. Having a military pickup truck can be a great thing when you paint it in camo and take it into the woods to go hunting with. Military vehicles are built to go into thick bush and over rugged terrain and make an ideal solution for hunters. They might not exactly be fuel efficient but they have some great safety features in terms of the fact that it would take a lot to put more than a dent in the body of one of these trucks.

Used Military Truck Sources

There are many sources for these trucks and the biggest source you'll probably find is a military surplus store that deals with military goods on a regular basis. These types of places often get their hands on great deals when goods are sold off in auctions and estate sales.

Do you have a particular vehicle and model in mind? If so, consider checking with your supplier for military surplus and asking them to keep eyes open for this vehicle for you. Or, place a classified ad. You'll probably see listings on online auction sites which will show you a photo of the truck as well as list information about the age, model and number of miles on it. The auction listing may or may not list other information available about the truck.

How much do used military trucks go for?

Pricing on military trucks are going to vary depending on the age and condition of the vehicle. Buying through auctions can be quite worthwhile because you can often get very low pricing but you might also want something that won't require much work to get it roadworthy so in that case you might consider buying from a military supply store instead because you might be able to expect some kind of guarantee or warranty. There might not be an average book value of a military issue truck but these are in demand so often have a great resale value if they are in good repair.

Will the used military truck have a warranty?

Warranties aren't always offered on used vehicles so be sure to read the fine print of your purchase agreement. You may not be very concerned about this and might expect to need to put some work into the truck. After all, this could be a hobby of yours so buying used military trucks and fixing them up might be something you do for pleasure.