Czech Military RF-10 Radio

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Another rare military gem found by Coleman’s. Produced by TESLA Company for the Czech Military in the 1970s, this radio was ahead of its time. This radio was used for all levels of communication from vehicles, in the field, and at company levels. All components come packed in a Styrofoam box that slides into a rubber water resistant case. Radio and instructions are all written in Czech but there is much information scattered throughout the web regarding operating this radio. Used, good condition. We did not test these units, therefore we cannot guarantee the functionality. Genuine European Military Surplus. Limited Quantities!

• Frequency range: 44.000 to 53.975 MHz
• 400 total channels
• 1W RF output power
• 2 Portable antennas
• 2 Long-wire antennas
• Transmission range: up to 3 miles
• Volume and tuning controls
• Handset
• Includes rechargeable battery pack
• Some spare parts included
• Water resistant case measures approximately 18’’ x 13’’ x 6’’
• Radio unit measures approximately 7 ½’’ x 1 ¾’’ x 11 ½’’

2 reviews for Czech Military RF-10 Radio

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    rexalanrussell (verified owner)

    I purchased one set about a month ago. Came with a partially charged battery. Ordered a cheap 6V battery charger online and charged the battery by opening the battery box (removing two screws) and connecting the alligator clips from the charger to the battery array in the box. No problem charging. Checked voltage had increased. Ordered a second set about a week after receiving the first set. Got the second set yesterday. Battery charge was low. Recharged it and checked out ability to communicate between the two sets. Seems to work fine in my basement. Will check longer ranges with weekend. Happy with my purchase so far.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    [email protected] (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased two of these radios from Coleman’s in the past month and I think it’s important to know, based on my two radios, just what the customer can expect. First, with one exception in each of the kits the radios and components appear either new or little used. This includes the components such as the antennas, straps, carry bags, etc.

    However, the buyer should be aware that the batteries in the battery box are unusable. They are D-cell sized Ni-Cad batteries with 1980’s date stamps. In each of the two radios I received the batteries had leaked. While the corrosion was easy to clean out (using a weak vinegar solution) the buyer will need to set up a replacement power supply. I modified the battery boxes to accept a 6 volt, 3.3 amp hour SLA battery that seems to power the radios just fine. Externally the battery box looks the same and connects to the radio in the usual manner.

    The buyer also needs to be aware that while there is an impressive amount of documentation that accompanies these radios, it’s all in Czech! I am slowly translating the main manual using Google Translate, but it’s tedious. The good news is, however, that there are basic operating instructions available in English on the web.

    Overall these are very neat radios and a great bargain. Their frequency range touches into the Amateur Radio 6 meter band, so if you have a General class license or higher you can legally operate these. I had my wife test my radio using a Ham radio tuned to 50.500 MHz and she said the received audio was pretty good and it seemed to be right on frequency.

    I’ll give these radio sets 5 stars based on the two that I received. Knowing the age of these sets I fully expected the battery packs to be unusable so that was not a disappointment and the fix is relatively simple.

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