U.S. G.I. MOLLE II Medium Rucksack with Frame

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The official US Military issued MOLLE II Medium Rucksack Backpack is one of the most desirable current issue Military Surplus packs. The MOLLE II Medium Rucksack Backpack is made of durable water resistant nylon cordura. It features adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt, heavy duty zippers, main compartment with two internal pouches, and two outer large pockets with internal pouches. In addition, there are three different hydration tube exit holes. This backpack is great for hunting, camping, or survival gear. Make no mistake, this is an excellent pack and considered by many as one of the best backpacks ever produced. It has an over 3000 cubic inch capacity and can hold up to 60 pounds which makes it perfect for many missions. Some packs will say U.S., others may not due to different manufacturers. Weighs approximately 5lbs. Color: ACU Digital. Genuine U.S. Military Surplus. NSN# 8465-01-F00-8677.

We sorted these packs into two grades. Please read the description of the grades below. Make your grade and size selection from the drop down box to order.

Grade 1: New to Like New Condition.

Grade 2: Used good condition. All belts, buckles, and zippers inspected. Fully functional. May have stains or lightly faded color.

2 reviews for U.S. G.I. MOLLE II Medium Rucksack with Frame

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jason Townley (verified owner)

    I got the condition 2 and it was in like new condition. If it was issued, it was never used. No dirt or crumbs in the bottom of the pockets, nor was there any funky smells. The straps and waist belt had no threads, or taddered marks, 100% mint! This has become my new 3 day GO BAG!
    The bag is comfortable to shoulder and holds a lot w/cool inside dividers and pockets!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Angelking (verified owner)

    I purchased one of these from Coleman’s a few weeks ago and couldn’t be happier. For one, I went with the grade 2 option to save some money and it came completely unblemished save for what looks like a pen scribble on the back. Not that I’d have cared, but it came to me clean, with nothing in it, no smells, funkiness or mildew odors that can sometimes accompany military surplus.

    This is a very durable pack and Id expect nothing less from the doubtlessly millions of dollars that went into its R&D. The user has multiple points to attach everything from sustainment packs, IFAKs, lighting, etc. As with all things MOLLE packs and indeed ALICE, its a matter of knowing that what you attach is as important as where you attach – your mileage may vary.

    I use this pack as part of my conditioning. Having never served in the military, I nonetheless train quite a bit with weights and while I loathe cardio workouts, I’ve fallen in love with rucking. With a pack like this, its easy to slide a 25# plate, some extra gear and instantly, I have an easy 45-50# on my back, making for an awesome workout that provides cardio along with a lot of resistance for the traps, rear delts, quad and calf muscles. It also helps in burning fat, which as a 42 year old power lifter, I can always use help.

    Internally, you have a LOT of space – what do those volume numbers mean to me? Not a damn thing – I am horrible at math, so I can’t tell you the difference between cubic inches vs an ice cube. What I can tell you is, I have the main compartment loaded with the 25# plate, a 3L hydration bladder (because if you’re going to be tacticool, you may as well be able to cool down), a pair of self inflating air mattresses and some towels to distribute and manage the weight placement.

    The sleeve for the bladder is generous enough to accommodate the plate AND the bladder. Tip: put the plate closest to the back and the bladder on the outside while in the sleeve. For extra insulation and to prevent any sort of scraping to the rubber, wrap it in a t shirt and you’ll have 3L of cool water – essential to those nights where I’m rucking downtown Boston in the humidity.

    The outer pouches are also extremely generous. I load the lower one with an old field jacket and the upper one with anything from power bars, an IFAK, lighting and its handy to put my wallet and keys.

    Overall, this is a phenomenal value for the money and you really can’t go wrong. When properly strapped up, this bag keeps the load comfortable and distributes most of the load to the hips vs. what I encountered with the medium ALICE, my lower back. Yes, the frame is polymer and yes, it flexes, but I only seem to ever notice that if I’m climbing up and down steps at the baseball field.

    I plan on getting another one at some point and loading it up as a true BOB. I can see using these for anything from carrying stupid amounts of weight to ruck, to going to the beach with my son or hell, luggage, because its going to be awfully hard to not see this coming off the conveyor belt at the airport.

    Finally – go Coleman’s! I ordered this around Memorial Day and naturally, a military surplus store gets hit hard. No matter though, they instantly let me know when my item was to ship, and when to expect it. The service was exceptional, timely and priced right — I plan on doing business with them again in the future.

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