Visiting Coleman’s retail store

If you are reading this, then it is likely you have interest in visiting our retail store. The experience offered at Coleman’s retail store might be different than other brick-and-mortar retail establishments, so we’ve compiled some tips. Coleman’s is primarily an e-commerce business doing the vast majority of transactions online, over the telephone, or mail order from Coleman’s catalog, so our retail store is not always our main focus.

  1. We offer a limited selection of the items offered at in our retail store, our online store is the best place to place an order and find any information we have about our products.

  2. If you are looking for anything specific, it is always best to call a few days in advance and make arrangements to have any desired merchandise pulled from stock and set aside in our retail store for pickup. As 90% of our products are in storage and not on display in our retail store, calling ahead or placing an in store pickup order at (please don’t forget to call and let us know when you are coming) are strongly recommended. Expect delays ranging from minutes to days on item or order retrieval if you have not made prior pickup arrangements with us, depending on the item and quantity desired.

  3. Any items reserved in advance must be paid for in full before we can process your order.

  4. The majority of our products will require someone from our staff to retrieve your item or order from on-site storage or a warehouse. Runners take requests from the store staff and retrieve products from our storage facilities. Sometimes delays can occur when multiple customers request products that are in storage at the same time.

  5. If you are unsure as to whether what you are looking for is in our store or in storage, please give us a call Monday through Friday for assistance.

Visiting Coleman’s retail store on Saturday

  1. We are open the last Saturday of the month in most circumstances, always check with us ahead of time

  2. Staff and product availability are limited on a Saturday. Expect delays on item or order retrieval if you have not made prior pickup arrangements with us.

  3. We’re open the last Saturday of every month, excluding some holidays. It’s always best to call ahead to verify we’re open if you’re planning a Saturday visit.

  4. Items like military vehicles, trailers, generators, pallet racking, shelving, or heavy equipment are generally not available for purchase on a Saturday, unless prior arrangements can be agreed upon.