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Customer Reviews

Simple Beginnings Built with Trust

Coleman's has been pivotal in serving the public need for genuine “hard to find” military surplus for over 40 years. A tried-and-true American success story of a traditional family operated business, built from the ground up. Part of our success is due to our extraordinary customer reviews. Our customer review page is where other loyal customers can go and share their experience as well as get the lowdown on all the best military surplus products available at our store.

Why You Should Check Out Colemans Customer Reviews

You know what they say - you can’t always judge a book by its cover. Nor can you always judge a company by its website or marketing. Therefore, it’s so important to get an honest, unbiased review of a company’s products and customer service. Not only do customer reviews give you an idea of what you can expect from a company, but they can also help you identify red flags that might have slipped past during your own research. In short, customer reviews are incredibly important for helping you make an informed buying decision.

Coleman Customer Service Reviews Helps Us Out

As we said, customer reviews also give an idea of the customer experience. And while you can find out a lot from reading other people’s pros and cons of specific products, you can also learn a lot about a company’s customer service by reading their reviews. If you notice a lot of people mentioning subpar customer service, then you might want to investigate that further. On the other hand, if most reviews are positive, it’s a good sign. Of course, even a company with great products and a great return policy might have a few bad reviews simply because no company is perfect, even Coleman’s. Help us out by leaving honest reviews and productive feedback

Leave Your Own Colemans Customer Review

Let’s get to it. Below you’ll find a list of military surplus products that have received customer reviews. Each Colemans review has a link to the product page, so you can learn more and see if it’s the right fit for you. If you’ve purchased from Colemans before, we encourage you to leave your own review. Not only does it help other customers, but it also earns you a discount on your next purchase through our rewards program.

Get Rewarded for Your Participation

Finally, take advantage of earning bonus reward points for sharing those reviews that matter to you. By merely participating and telling us what you think, you can earn cost-saving discounts for you and your family for additional purchases. We are listening and take a lot of time trying to understand our customers' wants and needs, as well as correcting issues. Start sharing today!

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