Curbside Pickup

Curbside Pickup


Curbside Pickup from Coleman’s

Coleman’s Military Surplus is happy to announce the availability of curbside pickup! Our physical store is no longer accepting walk-in traffic, so we’ve added a curbside pickup option. Simply select the curbside pickup option during the checkout process, and we’ll e-mail you when your order is ready for pickup.

Pickup Process:

  1. Place an order on
  2. Wait to receive your Ready for Customer Pickup e-mail.
  3. Be sure to have adequate transportation for items ordered.
  4. Pickup between 9AM - 4PM on days the facility is open. Pickup hours may change for holidays or other unforeseen circumstances. Call ahead to confirm pickup time.
  5. Have ID and your order confirmation number or e-mail available. Please call 888.478.7758 when you arrive.

Curbside Pickup Favorites:

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  1. U.S. G.I. Solar Shade Fly

    U.S. G.I. Solar Shade F...

    Special Price $290.00 Regular Price $599.95
  2. Vintage Swiss Military Kerosene Floodlight Projector

    Vintage Swiss Military ...

    Special Price $499.95 Regular Price $699.95
  3. 5075

    U.S. G.I. Field Desk, U...

    Special Price $79.50 Regular Price $99.95
  4. 5153

    Military Metal Bed - Bu...

    Special Price $299.95 Regular Price $399.95
  5. 5150

    Swedish Military Alumin...

    Special Price $89.95 Regular Price $119.95
  6. U.S. G.I.  Folding Cot, Used/Nice Condition

    U.S. G.I. Folding Cot,...

    Special Price $44.95 Regular Price $79.95
  7. MREs (Meals Ready to Eat), Case of 12

    MREs (Meals Ready to Ea...

    Special Price $69.95 Regular Price $79.00
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Total Items 22

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