Geiger Counters For Sale

We offer a variety of Geiger Counters for sale below. Geiger Counters were distributed during the Cold War era to civilian bomb shelters and fallout shelters to detect radiation. Much of our customer feedback has indicated that some of the Geiger Counters we offer do function, or can be easily repaired to function as originally intended. While Coleman’s does distinguish between Geiger Counters that we have tested the circuit and those we have not, we do not guarantee the functionality of these vintage Geiger counters and radiation detectors.

Surplus Geiger Counters

At the height of the Cold War, Geiger Counters were kept on hand in public places like schools and government buildings as well as in civilian homes. Surplus Geiger Counters have now become a great conversation piece and make for an interesting and unique piece of militaria for any history buff or military scholar’s collection. In this category you will also find additional Cold War era memorabilia such as authentic fallout shelter signs and more. Check back often as we update our store frequently as additional items become available!

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