French Military Troop Tent, Unused

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This is a good quality real military tent that is very rare in the surplus world. This authentic French Army tent is a “pup style” military tent has an unexpectedly spacious interior. This tent is one piece, meaning you can assemble quickly and keep the elements out. The floor space measures approximately 60 in. X 80 in. and sleeps two adults comfortably. Complete kit includes tent, poles, 16 stakes, guy lines, and carry bag. Made of heavy duty nylon. Reinforced tub style floor keeps you dry and the dampness at bay. There are screened air vents at the peak of the tent and screened vents with storm flap covers on lower side walls for ventilation. The water-resistant rain fly is integrated into the tent. Weighs approximately 6lbs. Olive Drab in color. Genuine European Military Surplus. Unused.

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4 reviews for French Military Troop Tent, Unused

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    [email protected] (verified owner)

    How can I rate a tent that I haven’t even slept in? Easy. At 51 years old I am still a Boy Scout through and through and an avid camper for years. We know good stuff when its basic: good sleeping bags, boots tents and traditional old school gear. I am not your guy for the latest in breathable or special materials or fueled stoves, but this tent- I got it.

    I took my time setting this up because its fun to set up such a traditional style tent! In the days of dome tents and all of the various styles, shapes and colors its refreshing to set up a no nonsense well made pup tent that has a floor sewn in it and high to the sides. It also has TWO entrances/exits! How cool is that? It took me about 30 minutes but I was playing and taking my time with the guy lines, changing out the stakes, and such. The enclosed stakes are the heaviest stakes I have ever felt. They are well made and certainly weigh more than the rest of the tent. There should be no reason why after the first time (fun factor) or for a mission driven first attempt that 5 to 10 minutes is would be more than enough time.

    When I crawled in and laid down I smiled like a 14 year old boy in the woods and was blown away with the optional long vents on both of the long sides. They can be velcroed shut as well!! There are also screen vents at the peaks at both ends. The stitching is tough, the design thought out and modified from a tried and true design. As a 240 pound guy this tent is great for me and yes, if I had to I could share. The zippers are smooth and allow each side of both doors to flap back and even tie back! You can tunnel this whole tent for airing out or ventilation any time with ease.

    Now, again how can I rate this a 5 star without even knowing if it is waterproof? Easy as well. Nowadays there are wonderful no nonsense easily applied waterproofing products all over the place. They can solve the problem of an leaky tent. I did hit the corners of the floors/sides where there is abundant stitching just because I can. While I was spraying I used up the rest of the Kiwi can of silicone because of the FUN of having a great vintage style tent that is very high quality. Told my wife that tonight I am sleeping outside on the ground here in Rochester NY and it will be the first time in years. Our family camping has been in a pop up due to her mobility issues. You dont have to read another review, but you will anyway! These sell out fast so dont dilly dally about it.

    Yeah, great tent.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    L. Stacy (verified owner)

    First off, what is shown on line and what I received are two totally different products. The first thing I checked was the tent pins. They were not the heavy duty duck-head stakes as shown in the picture, they are very light gauge with a hook bent in the end, 7 inches long, more like what comes with a commercial civilian tent.You hit a rock and they will bend. The tent did not have the plastic washers on the foot loops to stake it down, which for me was a good thing, saved me the time of cutting them off. After 40 years in the leather industry building western saddles you learn real quick that a straight strap in a round ring is not a good combination. The round ring puts excess force on the edges of the strap, no matter what the material, and causes it to start ripping. I picked up two packs of the 1″ split dee rings at Walmart, twisted them just enough to get them on the foot loops, then twisted them back straight. The next thing I noticed was it did not have the heavy rubberized tub type floor, as pictured. However, it is heavier nylon than the tent walls and should do just fine. I plan on using a heavy plastic ground cloth under it. The tent I received did not have two doors, only the one in the front, which is fine with me, I only need one door. The best thing about the door is it is fully screened so you can tie the flaps back to help with the ventilation, without having a tent full of bugs.

    As for the tent, itself, it is seven feet long, fifty-seven inches wide and forty inches tall at the end peaks, with a little bit of a sag in the middle, and weighs in at five and a half pounds on my scales. It was definitely new, as there were still small pieces of trimmed fabric still in the carry bag. I set it up in the sun, then went in to open it up. It was rather hot inside. Later, with the bottom vents open as well as the door, it was quite a bit cooler. So the ventilation works great, The tent slips, which are the little tabs to tighten the lines with, are a little funky to figure out how they work but does an excellent job, when you do. All in all, it is a nice little tent for the price. What I am planning to do is use one of the silver tarps for a fly, with the center about a foot or so above the top of the tent, if I don’t have shade to set it up under. This will help keep it much cooler and protect it from sun damage. Now, with the lines already on the tent, set up time should be no more than five minutes, if that.

    I’m looking forward to an actual field test.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    jims (verified owner)

    Perfect, Can’t wait to use it.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    harriettdrhm (verified owner)

    Readers; Here is a review of this tent, from one with some experience with these things. First up; I got the tent for use this summer when I take my Burgman 400 from Maine to Canada, camping along the way. Thus lightweight was a factor, with out it being a ‘plastic Kleenex”. I would like some room in it, so I can at least ‘change my mind’ And waterproof; no need for an indoor swimming pool. Since I cannot set it up in the snowfields of Maine, I can set it up in my dirt floor cellar of my house! The thing goes up handly. The poles are on the outside, so you cannot, with ease, knock them over at night in the dark. The stakes are strong and useful. But the tent tie down straps and metal washers, NOW THERE IS THE PROBLEM! The metal round washers put abnormal strain on the nylon fabric, and will cause early failure The CURE; go to the local hardware shop and buy 10 ~7/8 or 01 inch ‘split D- rings”/ Bring them home, open the end enough to slide the new ring on the nylon strap, with the round washer above it; and close the end, glue it if you like, solder if you are careful. You have a connection point at each end for the pole to enter, change those as well. Keep the spares. Now you can stake the tent down the right way. It works just fine. Come summer sun, I will likely spray it down with waterproof spray ‘just in case’. And unless you are camping on the Elysium Fields, buy a good groundcloth to go under it before set up. Note there is no bug screen over the door on the green model tent, just the vent screens, which a clever bloke could make an after market change. In sum, this should serve the purpose. I’ll take a military tent over some “Puff the Magic Tent” bought at some high end outdoor outfitter, such as’ M.M. Beanbag’ or the like.But that is the prejeduce of an old soldier. Need a good tent–Buy This. [if they get it back in stock!}

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