The Woodman’s Pal® Premium Nostalgia Collection Knife


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We were so impressed with the quality craftsmanship and history of this versatile tool we just had to share it with our customers. This is one of the best knives ever made. First manufactured in 1941, the Woodman’s Pal is well designed to thin, trim, chop, prune and more. This tool is so superbly balanced, it feels like an extension of your arm! The Woodman’s Pal® Nostalgia Collection set we are offering was standard issue for our troops from WWII through Desert Storm. Officially known as the LC-14-B, this collection comes complete with durable canvas sheath, 4 reprints of 1942 manuals that accompanied each Woodman’s Pal, and a round two-grit honing stone. It has a 16 ½’’ overall length and 5’’ military style soft leather grip with steel knuckle guard. Made with care and pride by craftsmen right here in Pennsylvania, USA. New.


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