Israeli Military M-15 Gas Mask


Israeli Military M-15 Gas Mask

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This classic mask is back by popular demand! Introducing the Israeli M-15 Gas Mask, a reliable and comfortable asset for your emergency gear. This lightweight gas mask boasts bigger eye sockets and impact-resistant cylindrical plastic lenses that provide a wide field of vision, offering clear visibility and a broader mask profile. Made from flexible rubber, it feels comfortable on the skin, and the adjustable straps cater to various facial sizes. This mask offers a universal drinking tube connection, allowing for safe drinking while keeping the mask securely on your face. Each gas mask includes an Israeli Issue mask filter and is compatible with any standard NATO 40mm canister, as well as a secure peripheral sealing lip. The five-strap elastic head harness, equipped with quick-release buckles, ensures easy and swift donning. Additionally, it features a central voicemitter and a side voicemitter for clear communication while deployed in the field, making effective communication clear and concise. Whether you're in hot and humid climates or facing challenging environments, this mask has got you covered. Unused condition. Made in Israel. 

Please note that we cannot warrant the functionality or protective qualities of this mask in any way. Non-returnable

Prop 65 Ca Residents Only
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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Yes, these are NATO spec NBC filters. However they are surplus and no guarantees can be made to their effectiveness. Mine appeared to be fine but I did purchase other aftermarket NBC filters that were sealed and had the manufacture date on them just to be sure. Additionally, the mask itself was in new condition and I would recommend Colemans for any surplus gear.

The canteen cap on the drinking tube does not fit American sized canteens. Where can I get an Israeli-sized canteen to match this cap?

Use a bladder:

Will this protect from nuclear fallout. Also do you need to by any filters tec

It would protect your lungs with correct filter. As for yer whole body...research for yerself. Great mask though

What size is this gas mask? I noticed that there is an adult sized M-25 mask that says it’s sold out.

I would say it is a question of luck. The mask i have fits right. I have a fat face. Other people have reported negatively but i would say take a chance, as i did once....and if it does not fit? Sell that B to someone else that it Does fit. . merry christmas

I believe these have a 25 year shelf life, how far into that are these?

IT SEEMS NEW, though no manufacture or end date is stamped on the mask or sealed filter. All of the rubber and straps are clean, quite pliable and fresh seeming, and the lenses are perfectly clear with no color changing. The ONLY flaw is an odd sized canteen cap on the end of the drinking tube, which is easy to slip off and replace, or attach to a bladder hose. This is a very good deal on a perfect mask!