NATO Military MP5 Gas Mask with Filter and Carry Bag

NATO Military MP5 Gas Mask with Filter and Carry Bag

NATO Military MP5 Gas Mask with Filter and Carry Bag

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This modern style gas mask offers exceptional field of view, good fit with plenty of adjustments, and special voice diaphragm for better communication. Includes standard 40mm filter canister and vinyl transport bag. These masks were mostly produced in the 1990’s making them very fresh in terms of a surplus gas mask. Widely used throughout Europe by Polish forces and more, this mask is very similar to the French ARF-A gas mask. Masks are in unused condition; however they may show signs of handling (jostling around inside a bag). Carry bags will show signs of use. We cannot in any way warrant their protective qualities or functionality. For costume purposes only. This is a non-returnable item. Genuine European Military Surplus.

Prop 65 Ca Residents Only
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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What type of filter comes with this.

Nato 40 mm type CF F3 12-PIC-99 08-MAS-00 LOOKS NEW , COMPLETELY SEALED

Wait, so this says for costume use only. Does this mean I can’t trust this for anything that it’d actually be needed for?

I have two of these masks. I've tested both in a smokey dirty environment with the filters that come with them and had no issues. Some companies will put a disclaimer such as what you read so they don't get in trouble if the masks fail. If you want a brand new mask you will be paying about $237 per mask on another site. Hope this helps.

What is a good source for spare MP5 Gas Mask Filters online?

Sorry, I have no idea where to get extra filters.

What size is this?

I would call it "adult" but caution that it is very snug adult. It does not have the adjustment leeway of the more expensive options, it's not as quick to adjust as the more expensive options, and if you have a particularly large face it may not fit at all. It does work for me. I'm 6'3", 220 lb.

Does it matter which side of the mask I put the filter on? Or is there a specific side I need to put it on. I would like to be able to use this with a firearm if needed. I would like to be able to wear the mask while using a firearm if needed.

This particular mask has the option of utilizing one or two filters. You can use just the one filter supplied with the mask and it really doesn’t matter which side you put it on.