Medical Transport Chest, U.S. G.I. Aluminum

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This military chest is authentic U. S. Military Issue – Known to be used to store and transport Military Supplies. Outside Dimensions are as follows:

Medium – 11½. H x 19½ in. W x 31½ in. L

Large – 17 in. H x 19½ in. W x .31½ in. L

X-Large Chest – 22 in. H x 19½ in. W x 31½ in. L

The lid fastens securely with 10 snap-lock fasteners. Also has a grab handle on each end. These sturdy, stackable, watertight units are great for storage and transporting fragile items. Also handy for hunters and campers. Makes a great toolbox. Used, good condition. Three sizes pictured. Price includes one chest.

Product maximum ordering quantity has been set to “1” due to shipping charges. Please call us to order more than one at a time.

Coleman’s Military Surplus, LLC will not be held responsible for the items stored in these containers as they are military surplus and we are not the original manufacturer. Please store items of value at your own risk.

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2 reviews for Medical Transport Chest, U.S. G.I. Aluminum

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    John (verified owner)

    I ordered the Medical Transport Chest for my wife as she was creating an emergency first aid and trauma kit for our household. FEMA and the Red Cross advise everyone to have emergency supplies available for unforseen situations (severe weather, earthquakes, floods, etc.). This chest is well built and I feel certain that it will hold up to harsh use and abuse. However, having a series of strong latches which secure the lid in place makes the chest awkward and cumbersome to use as a medical kit. Instead, I need a strong container designed with quick access capabilities. Nonetheless, this is a solid container and I will certainly use it for storage of other items. The handles on the side are spring loaded and snap back into place when not in use. In conclusion: this container is sturdy and makes a great storage and shipping container. On the negative side, it is difficult to gain access quickly and secure again after use.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jonathan Cornell (verified owner)

    I ordered the Medical Transport Chest to consolidate the storing of my various ammo boxes (filled with various calibers of ammunition) to make more space in my “man cave” area. Since our basement gets a little wet with torrential rains, I set the chest up on bricks. As this is for my bulk ammo, I didn’t need a container with quick access and this chest works beautifully for my needs. It is very sturdy and I like the multi-latch system. I can also use the closed lid as an additional shelf until I get another storage chest for my other bulk supplies. for my application, there is really no “down” side to this container. Overall, this is an excellent multi-use aluminum chest for items that can be stored and not need to be accessed in an emergency situation. If necessary, my wife and I can haul the chest upstairs and load it into one of our trucks.

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