5 Must Have Tent Camping Accessories

5 Must Have Tent Camping Accessories

Tent camping is one of the best ways to become one with nature. To maximize your camping trip, it’s important to have a solid combination of experience, preparation, and the right accessories. Whether you’re going on a quick weekend camping trip or a week long backpacking adventure, make sure you’re well prepared with some of the most important must have camping accessories.

Carry Handle

Polish carry handle for tent and backpack camping

It might sound like a small camping accessory, but the Polish Carry Handlewhen traveling with blankets, mats, and other bedding. It’s a must-have camping accessory if you plan to tent camp or backpack. With the carry handle in your arsenal, you’ll never have to worry about stuffing jackets and clothing into your backpack and take up valuable space.It’s adjustable to fit several camping accessories and easy to carry if you have to hike to your camping spot.

Extra Tent Stakes

There is no such thing as too many tent stakes. Not only is it important to take extra stake with you, but it’s also important that you have the right kind. The USGI 12” Aluminum Tent Stakescome in a pack of 12 and are extremely affordable so you can stock up. These stakes are perfect for spring camping because they won’t rust due to moisture. Alternatively, in extremely dry weather, they have a pointed end that is easy to insert into the ground, even when the ground is hard. It’s also important to have a good mallet on hand for inserting stakes into the ground as not to bend them. If your tent requires 12 tent stakes, make sure that you pack at least 24, giving you a whole set up backups if needed.

Nylon Rope

Nylon rope value back 3/8 inch from Coleman's military surplus for tent camping accessories

Like most tent camping accessories, you can ever have too much nylon rope. Every good Boy Scout knows that rope is an absolute necessity while camping as it can be used for just about anything. Fishing, building a raft, climbing, tying down a tarp, a pulley system, and anything survival are just a few examples of how nylon rope can help make your camping trip easier. Coleman’s Nylon Rope Value Packis ⅜” thick which is strong enough to safely withstand up to 270 lbs and comes with 300 feet of rope.

Reversible Wet Weather Tarp

reversible wet weather tarp for tent camping essentials from coleman's military surplus

To keep your possessions dry, always have a tarp while tent camping. The USGI Reversible Wet Weather Tarpis a must as it can be used to cover your gear during bad weather, line the bottom of your tent for extra protection against moisture, or as an emergency shelter if you’re hiking or backpacking. It’s also camouflage on one side making it ideal for hunting trips.

Hanging Wash Bag

military hanging wash bag for tent camping accessories. From Coleman's Military Surplus

Whether you’re tent camping at a campsite where there are showers and restrooms, or you choose to rough it out in the middle of nowhere, make sure to have a hanging wash bag. The Military Style Wash Bag allows you to pack all of the bathroom and shower essentials you need to avoid smelling like your surroundings. Hang it from a shower head, a tree, or hang it inside your tent for easy access to all your toiletries.