Benefits of Military Surplus Backpacks & Bags

Benefits of Military Surplus Backpacks & Bags

Benefits of Military Surplus Backpacks & Bags

When it comes to outdoor backpacks and bags, there are hundreds of options out there to choose from. You can shop for everything from traditional hiking backpacks, high-end ultralight trail packs and thru-hike bags, to hunting packs and military style tactical backpacks. With so many choices, it can be difficult to pick the best pack that’s right for every situation. Should you go the high-end designer pack route or stick with military surplus backpacks?

You could be fine with either decision, but there are some definite benefits to choosing military and army surplus backpacks. Military packs are generally less costly, more efficient, and easier to carry gear that’s made for a specific purpose. Whether you’re simply bugging out or planning a weeks-long backpacking trip, you need bags and packs that are the most efficient, practical, and durable.

Beware of cheap knockoffs. Military-issue packs and bags are battle tested to be tough and reliable. Also, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all pack — what works for your buddy may not work for you; when you find something you like, stick with it.

Here are just a few of the many advantages that military surplus backpacks and bags have over their high-end, designer commercial counterparts.

Benefits of Military Surplus Backpacks & Bags


Military backpacks are durable, built tough, designed especially for harsh conditions, and made to take lots of punishment. An excellent example is the classic CFP-90 large field pack. Exceptionally sturdy and very versatile, this backpack bridges the gap between the old ALICE system and the newer MOLLE packs. Extra strong waterproof nylon adds toughness and durability, while generous storage areas, a padded suspension system and lumbar support make this pack versatile for just about any situation.

Benefits of Military Surplus Backpacks & Bags


Military bags and backpacks are obviously not known for their trendy and fashionable style. It’s just not in their DNA. Surplus backpacks and bags are overwhelmingly offered in either khaki or camo – but often two types of camo! But they do their job and do it well, and with no splashy colors or fancy gadgets. Military units from around the world manufacture some great packs, such as this British infantry rucksack. No matter how much gear you need to carry, this one has space for it all. Perfect for camping, extended hiking trips, hunting trips, you name it. Padded shoulder straps and an adjustable waist belt make it easier on your back and shoulders. This one has storage galore, and the two detachable side pouches offer an additional 10L of capacity. Weighing in at only 7 lbs., this rucksack will see tons of action before you retire it – or pass it on to your kid.

Benefits of Military Surplus Backpacks & Bags


Some bags were designed for simplicity while still being adaptable to many situations. Take the classic duffel bag, for instance. With roots in the Belgian town of Duffel where the thick cloth used to make these bags originated, their form and function has lasted the test of time. The 20th century U.S. Army duffel is just as iconic, but it has since been considerably updated. This water repellent improved duffel bag was first introduced in 2013 and is currently a military issued item. In addition to its water repellent coating, these bags also include a large zippered opening, four compression straps, and can be locked by attaching a small padlock. It’s ideal for any kind of gear, especially clothing, blankets, towels or footwear, and can carry up to 70 lbs.

When you’re traveling, especially by air, you know how important it is to be able to adjust your luggage situation as needed. Sometimes, standard suitcases are just too bulky and aren’t practical for those weekend airline trips. That’s where this authentic German Pilot’s Bag comes in handy. It’s big (24” x 18” x 12”), made of water resistant nylon, has a sturdy semi-solid bottom, and over-the-edge zipper for easy packing. This bag pulls no punches and can take all the punishment your travel adventures can dish out.

A shining example of the multi-purpose practicality of military surplus bags is the rugged all-purpose kit bag. Officially known as a U.S. Tentage Repair Kit Bag, this heavy-duty nylon tool bag has many possible uses, from an overnight travel bag to a sturdy tool bag. It’s got loads of storage for small and larger tools to carry from the house to the workshop or job site. Large internal pockets, several smaller slot pockets, and three separate inner bags make this the king of portable storage. It’s also perfect for camping, outdoor festivals or picnics. How’s that for multi-purpose?

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