Best Moisture Wicking Shirts

Best Moisture Wicking Shirts

Best Moisture Wicking Shirts

Working up a sweat at the gym or in your yard while wearing a cotton t-shirt can be a miserable experience. It’s not so much the bicep curls or digging up that tree stump – it’s the sticky shirt you can’t wait to peel off! Cotton absorbs moisture, and soon your shirt is a sopping wet sponge. The solution is simple: Moisture wicking t-shirts.

Moisture Wicking Science

If you’ve dived into the basics of moisture wicking fabrics, you’ve likely read about capillary networks, hydrophobic vs. hydrophilic fibers, wicking agents and moisture channels. Fabric science buzzwords are fun to toss around, but your main concern is to be comfortable and dry. And that’s exactly what polyester fabrics do.

Basically, moisture wicking shirts contain a combination of water-repellent and water-absorbing fibers that work in tandem to quickly draw liquid (your sweat) away from your skin to the outer parts of the fabric for quicker evaporation. This allows your body to regulate its temperature naturally and efficiently. Synthetic fabrics like polyester or nylon aren’t completely waterproof but they resist the penetration of liquid, keeping your skin dry by this very “wicking” process. Simply put, as sweat on the fabric’s outer surface evaporates, it draws more moisture behind it and away from your skin keeping you dry.

Cotton fabrics completely absorb moisture and hold it against your skin, adding extra weight and making you feel hot and sticky, and then cold and clammy. That’s a terrible combination. The best moisture wicking shirts are superior to cotton by assisting your body’s natural tendency to cool itself through the evaporation of sweat. The better a moisture wicking shirt fits, the better it works to draw sweat away from your body.

When considering the best moisture wicking shirts for men, fit is important because wicking properties work best when the fabric sits close to the skin, thus optimizing the evaporation process. Fabric is also important.

Moisture Wicking Fabrics


When blended with other materials, polyester is an ideal choice for active wear because it is breathable, lightweight and quick-drying.


It dries quickly and is highly regarded for its thermal properties, making it an ideal cold-weather gear choice, though it’s also not as soft as other fabrics in this list.


Less durable than polyester, wool is a natural moisture wicking fiber that’s soft and warm, perfect for cold-weather activities.


Comfortable to wear, stretchy and light, this material is perfect for workouts.


The most expensive of the natural fibers, it is naturally wicking. It has a soft and cool texture, and it regulates body temperature well, so it is ideal for wearing year-round.

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