4 Best Useful Military Jerry Cans Ideas

4 Best Useful Military Jerry Cans Ideas

Best Uses of Military Jerry Cans

During this difficult time of uncertainty, there’s something to be said for reliability and continuity. Case in point, the military “Jerry” can. Originally conceived and manufactured out of wartime necessity over 80 years ago, these no-nonsense metal containers’ sole purpose was to store and transport fuel for military vehicles. Since military-grade items are known for their durability and utilitarian functionality, today’s NATO Jerry can surplus storage containers are perfect for civilian repurposing in a number of useful ways.

A Necessary Design

In the early stages of World War II as the German Army thundered across Europe and North Africa, they realized that extra fuel storage was a vital component of their invasion strategy. From jeeps and trucks to tanks, military vehicles sucked huge amounts of fuel. Commanders were ordered to store extra fuel in all vehicles, and thus the “Jerry” can was born. Of course the Germans didn’t refer to them that way, because “Jerry” was a derogatory term (relating to chamber pots) given by British soldiers to their wartime counterparts. These storage cans held 20 liters (5 gallons) of fuel and were designed to fit easily onto the back of any vehicle. The famous German engineering design was eventually copied by nearly everyone at the time, and military Jerry cans are still in use today.


Useful Jerry Can Ideas

There are many practical ways to repurpose these stalwart military liquid storage containers – and a few ideas you might never have imagined!

  • Disaster Prep

    ○ Store extra oil for vehicles, gas-powered construction equipment, chainsaws, and generators.

    ○ Keep non-potable water on hand. Steel Jerry cans are not recommended for drinking water. Instead use food-safe plastic Jerry cans such as Scepter 5-gallon water cans.

  • Outdoor Recreation

    ○ RV Camping – storing and carrying emergency oil, transmission fluid, or water for radiators on cross-country trips.

    ○ Hunting – carrying attractants, deer corn, extra vehicle or ATV oil.

  • Winter Weather

    ○ Keep rock salt supplies handy for icy walkways and driveways.

    ○ Storage of extra vehicle antifreeze or heating oils.

  • Farming, Ranching, Agriculture

    ○ Long-term storage of feed pellets, chicken feed, oats/grain for horses, herbicides and insecticides


In addition to these practical storage and transport suggestions, some creative DIYers out there have turned these classic old black Jerry cans into lamps, portable mini-bars, and even stereo subwoofers!

The everlasting Jerry can continues to be the most reliable and convenient liquid storage solution available. The surplus NATO Jerry cans we offer were manufactured in the 1950s, have a secure locking cap with a gasket and are ready for many more decades of service. We priced them at a fraction of the cost of today’s remakes.

These sturdy steel Jerry cans show weather and storage marks, so they’re not pretty – but they’re tough! They’ve never been used! All it takes to clean them up is a wire brush and some fresh spray paint, and you have virtually a brand new customized can at a fraction of the price. Each can has 5-gallon (20 liter) capacity and works with any NATO-style small-mouth spout. These original, tough-as-nails steel cans are built to last — and they might even outlive you!

As always, we travel the globe to track down the best military surplus we can get our hands on, and this certainly includes surplus storage containers. Whether it’s general purpose storage containers, ammo boxes, trunks, bins, waterproof storage containers, we take an excellent deal of pride in offering a good sort of genuine surplus containers to our customers.