Fall Camping Checklist - Top 10 Camping Gear Essentials

Fall Camping Checklist - Top 10 Camping Gear Essentials

Fall camping season has arrived, and now is the time to make sure you’re outfitted with all the best camping gear. Don’t be left high and dry (or worse yet, cold and wet) during your next outing. Our fall camping checklist will guarantee that you’re prepared.



A tent ranks at the top of our list of camping gear essentials, especially in the Fall when weather and dampness can change between night and morning. Our U.S. G.I. Pup Tent or Polish Military Poncho/Shelter Half will keep you sheltered from the elements all night long. Tenting with these items is much more fun than the big box store tents that are hard to set up and break after light use. For added protection from the elements, don't forget a wet weather tarp!

Sleeping Bag

Stay warm and comfortable throughout the night with our U.S. G.I. Modular Sleep System. This lightweight, mummy-style system is small enough to tote with your other camping gear, making it ideal for hikers. The water-proof outer Goretex bivvy cover will keep you dry, regardless of what Mother Nature says.


When you can’t see by the light of the moon, our U.S. G.I. Anglehead Flashlightwill help guide your way. It’s equipped with a backup bulb and a handy belt clip, plus it easily converts to a distress signal for emergencies.

Coffee Pot and Thermos

Although there are some creature comforts we’re willing to give up while camping, coffee isn’t one of them. If a cup of joe is your motivation for waking up in the morning, don’t leave home without our Stainless Steel Camping Mug with Carabiner. To keep your supply running throughout the day, don't forget your Double Walled Vacuum Thermos- it will keep your coffee piping hot for hours!



While many campers use portable stoves, everything tastes better cooked over a campfire, and our U.S. G.I Aluminum Griddlewill ensure your camping meals are cooked to perfection. With a 389 square inch cooking area, it’s large enough to cook for your whole clan.


It’s always a good idea to keep an extra blanket on hand for when the temperature unexpectedly drops or a rain shower leaves you wet and cold. Our Military Style Wool Blanket is great to keep on hand for just this reason. In addition, the Yugoslavian JNA Wool Blanket has been a favorite among our Bushcraft customers.

Sleeping Mat

Give your back a break and layer our U.S. G.I. ⅜ inch Sleeping Mat underneath your sleeping bag. This cell foam mat will shield your body from the damp ground and help smooth out any uneven surfaces. If you really want luxury, opt for the Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat.


Rest your head with our foam-filled Swedish Military Pillow. It’s compact enough to keep in your car for emergencies, and it comes in a convenient two-pack so you have an extra to share.

Water Containers

Water Containers

With our Collapsible Water Containers, you’ll never be caught without fresh water. Each container stores up to 5 gallons of H2O and comes with convenient handles and an off/off spout. These are perfect for keeping drinking or cooking water on hand, rinsing off your hands, or rinsing your dishes and utensils.

Fire Starter

Don’t waste time struggling to start a campfire. Our Magnesium Fire Starter guarantees an instant flame with a just a few shavings so you can relax and enjoy your fall camping trip, plus it is a lot more fun than any other fire starter! We hope our camping checklist has taken the guesswork out of what to pack for your fall camping trip! For more camping gear essentials, head over to our Military Surplus Camping Equipment, where you’ll find the best selection of military camping equipment at great prices.