Go Anywhere Toilet Kits for When You Gotta Go!

Go Anywhere Toilet Kits for When You Gotta Go!

The euphemism “When you gotta go, you gotta go” hits the nail right on the head. When you’re at home or out on the town within easy access of a bathroom, it’s no problem. But when nature calls and you’re deep in the woods, how do you answer? With a WAG bag!

What is a WAG Bag?

For the uninitiated, a WAG (Waste Alleviation and Gelling) Bag is part of a sanitary toilet kit containing a gelling powder that neutralizes and breaks down human waste. Bags are made from puncture-resistant material with a sealable and spill-proof closure. The systems are hygienic, biodegradable, and approved for disposal in any garbage can.

U.S. G.I. Go Anywhere Toilet Kit Bags

Have you ever received an urgent “nature call” while out on the trail or at a primitive campsite with nothing but leaves and a hole in the ground? Then you know just how uncomfortable and vulnerable that can feel.

These genuine U.S. military surplus WAG Bags can be used with any portable toilet system, seat, bucket, or by themselves. Each kit contains an outer zip-close disposal bag and a NASA-developed powder to trap, encapsulate, deodorize, and break down waste. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer are also included. Each toilet kit bag system provides easy sanitary waste management from start to finish.

Go Safe, Go Clean, Go Anywhere

The message on the package says exactly what you can expect from this toilet kit bag system. They’re sanitary, portable, convenient, and you can keep some on-hand whenever you need them.

U.S. G.I. Go Anywhere Toilet Kit Bags

Our U.S. G.I. Go Anywhere Sanitary Toilet Kit Bags are a great addition to your emergency preparedness supplies. After all, sanitation is an often overlooked part of anyone’s emergency kit. Each kit is small enough to tuck away in a backpack, in your car, or an RV when you find yourself at a park without waste hookups.

The kits are compact enough for primitive camping, long backpacking treks, RV road trips, or for extended hunting and fishing trips.

U.S. G.I. Go Anywhere Toilet Kit Bags

When indoor plumbing is non-existent, these human waste bags provide easy sanitary waste management from start to finish. You know you can rely on these kits because they’re genuine U.S. military surplus and made in the U.S.A. Each kit includes 10 individually sealed non-reusable sanitary toilet bags, odor-eliminating gelling powder, toilet paper and hand sanitizer. This should be a must-have addition to your outdoor prep kit!

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