The Best Extreme Cold Weather Gloves

The Best Extreme Cold Weather Gloves

The Best Extreme Cold Weather Gloves

Keeping warm during cold weather when you’re outside for extended periods is important, obviously. But don’t forget your hands. If you choose inadequately insulated gloves for extreme cold weather conditions, you run the risk of frostbite. Equally important is manual dexterity, especially if you’re hunting, hiking, ice fishing, or doing work on your property. You want to be able to easily grasp a trigger, pole, work tools, or to steer a lawn tractor. So, what should you look for when searching for the best winter gloves for men? Take a look at the basic types of insulated gloves and mittens, including extreme cold weather gloves the military uses. Each one is suitable for unique situations and conditions.

Cold Weather Gloves

Lightweight Gloves

These offer the least amount of insulation but are good for outdoor walking, running, or hiking in chilly temperatures. These types of gloves usually have good breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and often have touchscreen capability that allow you to use your smartphone without removing the gloves. Obviously, these gloves offer the best manual dexterity.

Midweight Gloves

Most cold weather gloves fall under this category and have many of the same features of lightweight gloves. These also have more mitten-style options which increase warmth by trapping more heat due to limited hand exposure. Midweight gloves feature more waterproof options, longer cuffs that extend protection to your wrists, keeping snow and ice from getting into jacket sleeves. These are a bit bulky for outdoor sports like running or hiking, and are more geared toward outdoor activities in cold but not necessarily extreme cold weather.

Heavyweight Gloves

These provide the highest level of protection and insulation in extreme cold conditions. Longer cuffs protect wrists and forearms, and substantial insulation gives extra warmth in frigid temperatures and blizzard-like conditions. Most gloves in this category feature a mitten-style fit, with some offering a “trigger finger” option for improved grip and manual dexterity. Removable wool or nylon liner inserts are also most often a vital feature.

Cold Weather Gloves

Extreme Cold Weather Gloves

For outdoor activities in extreme cold weather conditions, you want gloves or mitts with enough insulation but that still allow freedom of movement. With ordinary mitts you’ll sacrifice finger movement, but they can keep your hand feeling warmer than gloves. When your fingers are kept together, more heat is generated and kept in the mitts compared to when your fingers are isolated in gloves.

There are lots of choices for cold weather gloves out there, and the best options can get really pricey. You could easily spend anywhere from $60 - $175 on synthetic gloves Wearing the proper gloves outdoors in extreme cold conditions is always a smart idea. Whether you’re running in cold temperatures, snow skiing, hunting, or working outdoors during bitter cold winter months, you want to be comfortable and safe. Being aware of all the options available for extreme cold gloves conditions can make all the difference.

As usual, we look to the U.S. military for tried-and-true options. U.S. G.I. Trigger Finger Gloves will keep your hands warm in extreme cold weather conditions. These government-issued are 50% cotton, 50% nylon, with a soft leather palm. Cuffs will cover most of your forearm for warmth and extra protection from snow and ice. Trigger Finger Gloves also come with a removable 100% wool lining that fits over large or medium-sized gloves and can be worn on its own.

We offer these gloves in olive drab or camo styles as part of our collection of extreme cold weather gear. The gloves are unused and unissued, and extra liners are available as well as other arctic extreme weather gloves in our online store.