Top 4 Uses for Bladder Tanks

Top 4 Uses for Bladder Tanks

Top 4 Uses for Bladder Tanks

Bladder tanks are among those utilitarian products folks rarely think about until they actually need one. For this very reason we’ve always considered flexible water bladder tanks to be the unsung heroes of large-scale portable liquid storage.

Also known as pillow tanks (because of their shape), they are some of the most innovative and practical products ever invented. Bladder tanks are designed to store huge amounts of liquids including drinking water, rainwater, wastewater and fuel. Also, bladder tanks are easy to transport to almost any location.

  • Natural Disaster Sites

    In the aftermath of hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis and earthquakes, water bladder tanks are vitally important during the recovery period following these natural disasters. Collapsible bladders can be quickly and efficiently transported to the affected sites and set up to hold drinking water, fuel for generators and for containment and removal of waste water.

    Fabric bladder tanks are also a proven asset in fighting wildfires when easy access to water is unavailable due to demand or environmental conditions, especially in rural or remote areas.

  • Agricultural Industry

    Water bladder tanks for agricultural use provide economical storage for emergency or long-term water storage. Collapsible water tanks can be used to store non-potable water, wastewater, rainwater for irrigation systems, production fluids, brine and more. When not in use the tanks can be easily folded and stored away.

    These tanks are also ideal for use at plant nurseries and farms for water storage, for watering livestock, and for insecticide treatment. For agricultural uses especially, the advantages of collapsible fabric water bladders over metal storage systems include low cost, less algae growth, lower groundwater contamination, and less evaporation and seepage.

  • Military Installations

    Storage for fuel and water is a must for any military operation in remote locations on short notice. Collapsible fuel bladder tanks are excellent for these quick and temporary installations because they’re portable and extremely easy to set up and disassemble. Fuel and water bladder tanks are also lightweight when empty, therefore easy to transport and install at any location.

  • Industrial Use

    Portability and quick setup are especially convenient for the storage of chemical waste, sludge, and fertilizer. Industrial liquids such as liquid manures, mud, and latex paint can also be contained and transported, in compliance with environmental protection standards.

Besides the top common uses mentioned here, bladder tanks are also used worldwide for remote work camps, exploration and mining facilities, hotels and resorts, hospitals, refineries, chemical plants, water works, harbors, outdoor concerts and sporting events.

Our coated nylon cloth collapsible fabric bladder tanks provide handy on-site temporary liquid storage, yet are durable enough to use over and over! We carry 3,000-gallon to 50,000-gallon capacity tanks, and all are perfect for short- or long-term liquid storage.

As always, we continue to work very hard to search the globe for the most unique, interesting, useful, and awesome products that you will not find anywhere else!