Got Roof Damage? You May Need a Tarp till the Pros Get There

Got Roof Damage? You May Need a Tarp till the Pros Get There

The amount of roof damage you’ve had to deal with the past year has been ridiculous. It feels like Murphy’s Law has it out for you and you’ve come to realize just how beneficial it is to have a heavy-duty tarp for jobs where failure really isn’t an option. This is where Coleman’s US GI Superior Cover Tarp comes into play.

But it’s not just patching holes that this tarp is good for. What are some of the other possibilities? Let’s dive right in.

Roof Damage from Wind? Tarp It.


Yeah, we mentioned roof damage above, but let’s better build the case for being prepared for it here. I’ve noticed that anytime somebody ends up with roof damage from a storm, they tend to not be the only one impacted. Scores of other people within the area are simultaneously going through the exact same issues and this causes all of the roofers in the area to be tied up and all of the tarps at the stores rapidly disappear.

You can’t just wait three weeks for the roofers to finally show up with a massive hole in your roof caused by a falling tree branch. You need some way to keep the rain and elements out until you can get the professionals on their way, and this is where a high-quality tarp can help. By having one at the ready if you live in tornado alley or in the reach of hurricanes, you can help to ensure that you can keep your home as protected as possible as fast as possible in the interim.

A Heavy-Duty Motorcycle Cover


The thing about name brand motorcycle covers is that they’re expensive. When you buy one, you’re essentially paying top dollar for a tarp with a logo on it that only has one use. With a USGI Superior Cover Tarp however, you’re purchasing something that you can use in a number of situations.

Need something to drag off a big pile of raked leaves? Just grab your new Coleman’s motorcycle cover.

Need a trailer cover for the big move? Remove your new motorcycle cover.

See? It’s versatile!

A Rain and Sun-Blocking Goat Shelter


If you’ve raised goats for any length of time, one of the things you’ve likely discovered is that they are the cow version of cats. They’re incredibly nimble, mischievously curious, like to climb on things, and absolutely hate water. Goats detest the rain. If they even get a little bit wet, they will holler for you like none other.

The catch here is that not every paddock you have (or create, if you’re using portable electric netting) is going to be close to the barn. This makes for something of a situation. If you have to go to work and your goats are in one of the furthest paddocks on your property, what happens if an unexpected shower moves in while you’re away? If those goats don’t have some place that they can go to get out of that rain, they are not going to be happy with you when you get back home.

Making an inexpensive shelter for them in each paddock is an easy way to ensure that they are as happy and comfortable as possible while you’re going about your daily business, and you can use one of our US GI Superior Cover Tarps to accomplish that.

All you need to do is sink four 4x4s into the ground (with concrete) and then attach the US GI Superior Cover Tarp at the top of them at an incline so that rain runs off and high enough that no goats can attempt to play on a giant trampoline.

Doing this will give your Nigerian dwarfs an inexpensive means of rain and sun shelter that they can rest in during the heat of the day or in the midst of an afternoon rainstorm.

Protect that Chicken Bedding

Tarp For Blog with Rudy and Rocket

I personally believe that the best chicken bedding is straw. I’ve used grass clippings and leaves, but it’s the straw that seems to stay in my next boxes the longest and that keeps me from finding broken eggs in the morning the best too.

The catch is that you can’t leave your straw bales anywhere near your chickens or you’ll wake up the next morning to discover that your birds have somehow learned how to dismantle an entire pile of straw bales with nothing other than their feet.

It doesn’t matter that you couldn’t pull that straw bale apart with your hands if you tried, your chickens have magical toes. That’s all there is to it.

Because of this, I have to store my straw bales right outside of the coop, but I also have to make sure that they stay dry. I’ve used cheap, flimsy tarps before, and they work for a while, but eventually they get holes in them from the sun and start to leak. This causes your straw to get moldy which can cause issues when you later tear the thing apart to spread it.

A high-quality tarp is the way around this if you too store your straw bales outside.

A Hay Bale Cover for Your Truck

If you don’t have the space (or desire) to raise your own hay, you’re not alone. Most hobby farmers are in the exact same boat. You have goats, sheep, and maybe even a little donkey that you have to keep fed, but you have to make regular runs to the local “big” farm to purchase your hay. You know that wet hay ends up becoming low quality stuff that you don’t want to feed to your animals, so you’ve always tried to time your hay runs around the weather, but sometimes surprises happen.

You want the ability to make a half hour run to pick up your hay without having to be paranoid about the rain, and this is where our US GI Superior Cover Tarp can once more come into play.

Just throw your hay into your pickup truck and then strap the Superior Cover Tarp down on top of them. You’ll have excellent rain protection for your grassy investment all the way back to your property until you can get that hay tossed and stacked into the barn.

Need a Firewood Rack Cover?

It’s been said that the man who splits his own firewood is warmed by it twice. Why? Because keeping a woodstove running requires a lot of work! Between felling the tree, cutting it into sizable logs, splitting it, hauling it to where it needs to go, and then stacking it, it requires a lot of time and energy to get firewood prepared.

So why would you ever want to do all that work only to let it rot by the wayside? If you’re going to take the time to make firewood, take the time to protect it, and you can do that with a firewood rack cover. Our US GI Superior Cover Tarp can do that for you without a hitch. Just throw it over that cord of wood and then secure it into place. You’ll then have dry firewood at the ready the next time that the cold rolls on in.

Time to Wrap it Up

Perhaps one of the coolest things about the US GI Superior Cover Tarp is that it’s toughness breeds versatility. You can have it covering your firewood supply all year and should that September hurricane cause you to lose a couple of shingles and cause a bit of additional roof damage, you can then easily take that firewood cover and turn it into a temporary roof fix.