Winter Survival Tips

Winter Survival Tips

It’s time again for your favorite winter activities including ice fishing, hiking, and backpacking. Before heading out to the wilderness for your winter activity of choice, make sure you understand winter wilderness survival. Have a fun and safe winter with these winter survival tips!

Winter Survival Tip 1: Fire First

Fire Starter, Magnesium

Building a fire is crucial to surviving in the wilderness especially in the winter! If you plan on camping out during the winter, always build your fire first at your selected camping spot. During the winter, it’s important to have a firestarter on hand that will not be affected by moisture, like matches and lighters. We recommend a compact magnesium fire starterthat won’t get in the way of all your other winter survival essentials.

Winter Survival Tip 2: Dress Properly From Head to Toe

Hypothermia is a serious threat in winter conditions with lifelong effects. Luckily, it’s completely preventable! Keep your hands warm with gloves made especially for surviving in the wilderness. Don’t forget your feet either! Make sure your feet will stay toasty with thermal wool socks. Wool is a great insulator and will dry quickly, making it a prime choice for the winter elements. Besides wearing wool socks wear insulated boots for extra warmth. We suggest using Mickey Mouse bootswhen out in the winter wilderness. There’s a reason why the US Military uses these boots! Mickey Mouse Boots have been tested to help your feet withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees F.

Winter Survival Tip 3: Be Prepared for all Scenarios

Emergency Candle, 120 hr, 2 pack

Sure you might be an experienced winter adventurer, but just in case something goes wrong on your excursion make sure you are prepared. One of the items we recommend to have in your just in case stash is a pack of emergency candles. The wax in this heavy duty candle will last up to 120 hours. If you get lost in the wilderness, it can help you provide light and warmth.

Winter Survival Tip 4: Moisture is the Enemy

It’s important that your camping essentials stay dry in winter weather conditions. This is especially true for boots and fire making supplies. One way to keep moisture away from your essentials is toting your camping supplies in a dry bag. This U.S. G.I. Super Strong Dry Bag has been tested on both water and land, guaranteeing your items will stay dry on your camping trip. Whether you’re heading out on a winter camping trip, a mid season hunting excursion or find yourself stuck in the wilderness, make sure you gear up with Coleman’s winter survival and emergency products and be prepared for anything.