U.S. G.I. Extreme Cold Temperature Boots, White, Unissued


U.S. G.I. Extreme Cold Temperature Boots, White, Unissued

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(White) Better known in the military as "Mickey" or "Bunny" boots. If you've been Looking for authentic Mickey Mouse boots in white, look no further! Field tested and proven to keep your feet toasty in temperatures as low as -20º F. These are the original Military issue "Mickey" boots, not the imitation boots now flooding the market from China. The multiple layers of wool felt provide an insulation to protect your feet in subzero temperatures, and the waterproof rubber exterior keeps your feet dry and warm.  Just knowing these boots are made to meet U.S. Government specs set for cold weather footwear, you will feel confident your feet will be warm! Perfect for hunting, snowmobiling, ice fishing and just about any other activity where cold and moisture are a factor. Hurry while they last! Government surplus drying up! Adult and children sizes available. Sizes tend to run large. Half-sizes not available. Although these boots are Unused/Unissued they have been stored away in warehouses, due to exposure to extreme temperatures, these boot may or may not have slight discoloration and/or minor surface crazing (superficial surface cracks) which will not inhibit their performance whatsoever. As is the case with all item photography on colemans.com, photos are for representational purposes only. All of these boots are made to the same military specifications by a number of manufacturers. Tread patterns can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Unused/Unissued. Genuine US Military Surplus. Made in the USA.

To learn more about these boots, read about the history of Mickey Mouse Boots on our blog Surplus.Guide


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Size 12R,8R,9R,13N,7W,8W,10R,11N,11R,9W,7XW,10W,13R,13XN,14R,3N,4W,6R,5W,12N,13W,4R,3R,5R,13XW,14XW
What is a military trench coat?

A military trench coat is a coat made of a waterproof outer fabric, or any other heavy outer material, that provides protection against wind and rain.

Why do soldiers wear trench coats?

An army trench coat provides several benefits. It keeps you warm while protecting you from the elements, provides camouflage, and has extra pockets to store equipment and supplies in.

Should a trench coat be fitted or loose?

It all depends on what you like and what you are using it for. If you are using it for fashion, it should be close fitting. If you are intending to layer it with chilly weather clothes, it should fit loosely to accommodate the extra bulk.

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If I want a women's sz 8 pr of boots do I order a sz 7?

They run big, I wear a size 13 and purchased size 11 they fit perfect. I wear plain white socks in them no thick socks. My feet are very warm.

Can I get a pair in US size 10?

Not sure why Coleman’s is asking me this question but I would be curious if they could supply a pair of 10w unissued white Bata bunny boots. I would be interested in them. Thank You

I need a new pair of these I been wearing the white issue bunny boots every winter for the last 40 years. Every since I was issued a pair in the military in Alaska. What year were these made? It makes a difference in how long they last before the rubber starts to become weak and rot from age. You can get an extra season or two out of them by using RTV sealant if they do start rotting. Also I am confused by the description, are these the white bunny boots as shown or the black mickey mouse boots. The white issue bunny boots were rated for minus 60 degrees. The black issue micky mouse boots were rated for less, IIRC it was minus 20. The black boots were also rated to withstand harsher chemicals and were frequently issued to construction and maint., troops. The black ones I saw also had a safety toe. The white bunny boots never had a safety toe.

Thanks for the tip on using RTV. The pair I received is white, and using the guide of ordering a size smaller than street shoes, they fit nicely with heavy socks.

I am a women’s size 6, is there any size that would fit me?

Kels, These boots were designed to be worn with thick socks. I actually wear two pair- the base layer being polypropylene... That said- they run big. If you wear a six, I'd strongly recommend a five for you. Hope this helps. Dean

I wear a size 9, in men's work boots. Do I need to go down a size?

I was told men go down 2 sizes and women go down 3 sizes, but I would call them. They are helpful.