U.S. G.I. Modular Field Kitchen


U.S. G.I. Modular Field Kitchen

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  • 5 Star Customer Service
  • Family Owned and Operated

Developed and engineered over many years of careful research. One MFK (Modular Field Kitchen) with assigned personnel can serve three hot meals a day for 250 troops on a sustaining basis. Two MFK’s can be combined to double capacity. This complete field kitchen can be used in basic, hot and cold climate conditions. This complete system can be shipped anywhere to any location. Modular Field Kitchen (MFK). NSN# 7360-01-276-9817.



-          Sets up on site in 60 minutes by four men

-          Break down for movement in 60 minutes by four men

-          M2 burner units used for heat source powered by gasoline

-          Capable of day and night operation

-          Included insulated containers provide beverages and tray pack foods to dispersed smaller size units


Included Cooking Equipment:


(6) M2 Gasoline Burning M2 Burner Units used as a heat source for the MFK equipment

- Burns fuel at a rate of 0.5 gallons (1.9 liters) per hour; produces approximately 60,000 BTU/hour.

                - 8 Quart / 7.6 liter fuel tank capacity

(2) Burner racks that support the M2 burners under the oven assemblies

(2) Oven assemblies for cooking/heating/roasting/baking, and maintaining serving temperatures of hot food. Stainless steel lined.

(2) Base racks that support the burner racks and oven assemblies

(1) Griddle assembly for grilling food. Used with two M2 burner units. Consists of one griddle top, double burner rack and double base rack.

(1) Steam table assembly used with two M2 burner units. Used to maintain temperature of hot items on a service line. Consists of adapter top, stainless steam table body, double burner rack and double base rack.

(1) Stainless steel storage rack assembly set. Each set formed by staking three rack assemblies.

                - Used to hold, store, or dry items (pots, pans, etc)

                - Used as a shipping container for nested smaller items

                - One side removed can be used as shelf

(3) Coleman Brand Gasoline Burning Lanterns for night operations

(1) Stainless steel lined heater tank assembly. Used with one M2 burner unit and filled with water to heat tray-packs.

(2) Cooking pot cradle assemblies used with M2 burner units in place to permit the preparation of soups or hot beverages.

(2) Stainless steel work tables used for various food prep.

(17) Cambro liquid dispensers that maintain beverages hot or cold. Five gallon capacity. Maintains beverage temperature of no less than 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius) for up to 4 hours in temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit (-32 degrees Celsius).

(6) Cambro food containers that maintain heated food for both on site and remote feeding. Maintains heated food at no less than 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius) for up to 4 hours.

(2) Storage cabinets used to store and maintain pastry/dessert/bread items.

(2) Industrial can openers that mount on Stainless Tables.

(1) Hanging canvas water dispensing bag. Used to store and dispense treated water.


Additional Food Service Included Equipment:


(2) 15 Gallon aluminum double boilers/cook pots with extra lid for each.

(5) Heavy Duty aluminum roasting pans with lids

(36) Plastic Food containers with Lids

(2) Heavy Duty 55 gallon trash can on casters

(2) Large cutting board

(10) Aluminum Food Trays

(5) 5 Gallon Scepter Water Cans (Black)

(5) 5 Gallon Scepter Fuel Cans (Tan)

(1) Large stainless steel colander

(1) Hand Operated Air Pump for pressurizing M2 Burner Units

(1) Complete Tentage Repair Kit


Additional Included Equipment:


Galvanized Steel Tool Chest

-          (1) Anti-seize compound

-          (1) Wire Brush

-          (1) Slip Cover Top Can

-          (1) Burner Slot Cleaner

-          (1) First Aid Kit

-          (1) Preheat Generator

-          (1) Hammer

-          (1) Utility Knife

-          (1) General Purpose Lubricating Oil

-          (1) Gasoline Can Spout

-          (1) Slip Joint Pliers

-          (1) Flat Screwdriver

-          (1) Phillips Screwdriver

-          (1) Sharpening Stone

-          (1) Adjustable Wrench

-          (1) Combination Wrench


Cutlery Roll

-          (2) Boning Knife

-          (2) Cook’s Knife

-          (2) Paring Knife

-          (2) Slicing Knife

-          (2) Potato Peeler

-          (1) Ice Pick


Utensils and Related Accessories

-          (2) 2 Quarts Liquid Measure

-          (4) Pot Holder

-          (1) Rolling Pin

-          (1) Baker’s Scraper

-          (1) Hand Flower Sifter

-          (1) Butcher’s Steel

-          (2) Kitchen Dipper

-          (1) Egg Whip

-          (3) Food Turner

-          (3) 15-inch Food Preparation Fork

-          (3) 21-inch Food Preparation Fork

-          (2) 2-ounce Kitchen Ladle

-          (2) 8-ounce Kitchen Ladle

-          (2) Tray Pack Lifter

-          (2) Serving Tray-Pack Lifter

-          (2) Measuring Spoon Set

-          (2) Hand Can Opener

-          (1) Pie and Cake Server

-          (2) Kitchen Skimmer

-          (4) 15-inch Food Service Spoon

-          (4) 21-inch Food Service Spoon

-          (8) 15-inch Slotted Food Service Spoon

-          (3) Food Serving Tongs

-          (2) Spatula



Each crate is 67"x55"x54" 860 lbs.

Four crates that make up an entire kit are: 67"x110"x107" 3440 lbs.

Prop 65 Ca Residents Only
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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