Gamma Radiation Detector (Geiger Counter) CDV-717, TESTED

Gamma Radiation Detector (Geiger Counter) CDV-717, TESTED

Gamma Radiation Detector (Geiger Counter) CDV-717, TESTED

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We were lucky enough to pick up a few of these Geiger Counters from a Federal Warehouse from which they were distributed and recollected to Fallout Shelters and civilian "Bomb Shelters" around the country during the Cold War. The unit is marked with the Civil Defense logo û a blue circle with a white triangle and red letters CD in the center of the circle. This item is military surplus, and we cannot warrant its functionality in detecting radiation. This item was tested (passing the circuit check) it is not calibrated. To download a reprint of the original Operator's Manual for this unit click here.Requires standard "D" batteries. Non-Returnable. Units may or may not come in an original box and may or may not include an original manual.

Use of the term “Geiger counter” is in place solely as a buzz word. Many people recognize the term “Geiger counter”. What you are getting is described by the model numbers listed. Please research the capabilities and specifications of these specific model numbers before making a purchase. We do realize that some of these units may not be technically considered to be Geiger counters, rather radiation detectors.

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