Benefits of Antimicrobial Boot Socks

Benefits of Antimicrobial Boot Socks

Benefits of Antimicrobial Boot Socks

Anyone who regularly wears boots knows that good socks are essential for foot comfort and hygiene. After a long hot day in work boots or out on the trail, admit it — your sore feet just plain stink! So, which men’s boot socks are both comfortable and can eliminate foot odors after a full day’s work or hiking outdoors? The answer is simple: Antimicrobial socks. But are they effective? Science says yes, and believe it or not it’s because of silver.

The silver-plated nylon fibers woven into these U.S.G.I. Antimicrobial All-Purpose Boot Socks are what make them so effective against odor. When bacteria come in contact with the antimicrobial yarn, their chemical bonds literally fall apart.

Moisture-wicking synthetic fabrics are fine for pulling most of the sweat away from your skin, but odor-causing bacteria still have a chance to react with residual moisture. When you wear sweaty socks trapped inside boots, you’re walking around with a stink factory on each foot.


Sweat itself has hardly any smell, but things get funky when moisture mingles with the bacteria on your skin. Those bacteria metabolize sweat, producing foot odor. Not only that, but bacteria can lead to unhealthy conditions like athlete’s foot and nail fungus. Simply put, the silver-plated nylon in these socks eliminates the bacteria that would interact with sweat to create odor and other problems for your feet. These bacteria-fighting socks are unlike almost any other on the market!

No bacteria = no odor! Happy feet!*

Made by USOA (government issued and made in the U.S.A.) these U.S. Army socks are constructed of a lightweight and breathable cotton blend, promoting air circulation around your feet and naturally regulating temperature. This anti-static fabric blend also makes these military surplus socks blister-resistant, which is a definite must for boot wearers.


Used by military personnel in all branches of the armed forces, these boot socks are perfect for active civilians who spend lots of time outdoors or who are on their feet all day. From hikers to hunters, from construction workers to police officers, these are the go-to boot socks for happy, healthy, and odor-free feet.

The antimicrobial lightweight fabric makes these boot socks ideal for hot and sweaty summer weather, the prime time to have extra protection from odor-causing bacteria. Also useful during colder weather, these socks provide year-round comfort thanks to their anti-static and blister-resistant properties; plus, you need foot odor protection in winter, too!


  • Antimicrobial material eliminates odors

  • Regulates temperature and transports moisture

  • Blister-resistant and anti-static

  • 82% cotton / 10% nylon / 5.5% spandex / 2.5% silver-plated nylon

  • Skillfully crafted in the U.S.A.

Sizes (Men's Shoe Size)

  • Small: 8-10

  • Medium: 11-12

  • Large: 13-14+

These socks are genuine U.S. military issue in new condition, made tough so they’ll keep your feet odor-free, blister-free and comfortable for a long time. Available in 3-packs for only $14.95.

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*For a deep dive into the science behind silver’s bacteria-destroying properties, click on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website.