Emergency First Aid Kits and Supplies for Camping

Emergency First Aid Kits and Supplies for Camping

Camping, especially if you’re off the beat and path can be dangerous, so it’s important to have the right first aid items with you at all times. Having a pre-packaged first aid kit or a DIY bag with all of your emergency tools and supplies you’ll need can save a lot of stress during your trip. Here are some basic first aid kits for camping as well as some emergency tools you may not have thought of to take with you.

Pre-packaged First Aid Kits


Platoon First Aid Kit


Most first aid kits include the basics needed for small cuts, burns, and wounds. The Platoon First Aid Kit includes gloves, tape, ice pack, bandage, tweezers, wipes, and several other tools. It comes with a nylon pouch for easy carrying while camping and snap closures to keep everything from being exposed to the elements. For professional campers and those experienced with first aid, a Trauma Kitwill have the basics plus some advanced emergency tools including a pressure cuff, stethoscope, sutures, and tongue depressors. A trauma kit can be a bit bulky to take on short camping trips, but it’s perfect for extended trail outings and car camping.

Emergency Heat Blankets

Most of the time, basic first aid kits for camping won’t include blankets. Emergency blanketshelp retain body heat during an injury, keeping you dry and warm. They’re easy to pack and designed to fit easily into a DIY first aid kit or a hiking backpack.

Emergency Food

It’s important to include emergency food in your first aid kit for camping. Most basic kits do not come with these supplies, but you can’t afford to leave them behind, especially if you’re going on a long camping trip without immediate access to food. For emergency food, pack MRE survival food. They’re easy to prepare and only need hot water to heat up and don’t need to be refrigerated. A few of these in your first aid kit for camping will ensure that you have backup food in case of an injury, natural disaster or any other kind of emergency.


Coleman's Meals Ready to EAT MREs


Emergency Camping Tools

In addition to first aid kits for camping are some important tools that you should always have with you that will aid when an emergency strikes.

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