Gamma Radiation Detector (Geiger Counter) CDV-717, Non-Functional

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“We were lucky enough to pick up a few of these Geiger Counters from a Federal Warehouse from which they were distributed and recollected to Fallout Shelters and civilian “”Bomb Shelters”” around the country during the Cold War. The unit is marked with the Civil Defense logo û a blue circle with a white triangle and red letters CD in the center of the circle. May or my not be shipped with box or strap. We do not warrant functionality. This is a non-returnable item. Units may or may not come in an original box and may or may not include an original manual.

Use of the term “Geiger counter” is in place solely as a buzz word. Many people recognize the term “Geiger counter”. What you are getting is described by the model numbers listed. Please research the capabilities and specifications of these specific model numbers before making a purchase. We do realize that some of these units may not be technically considered to be Geiger counters, rather radiation detectors.

4 reviews for Gamma Radiation Detector (Geiger Counter) CDV-717, Non-Functional

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    johnro6659 (verified owner)

    Mine came the other day, tossed in a battery and it seems to work. Don’t really know how to test it. I was hoping it was going to come with strap box box etc but it did say in the description “Units may or may not come in an original box and may or may not include an original manual.” of course mine did not! Pretty cool piece especially for the money. Doubt this was used at all too clean and crisp great little piece of history. .

  2. Rated 3 out of 5

    jeremiah (verified owner)

    unit is in decent shape, was not working, tried cleaning contacts, did some simple trouble shooting and determined that I had power to meter dial but was not responding, dial indicator is bad, rats, had got a 720 at same time that turned out to work, so for testing purpose remove dial and wired to this one, not a perfect fit, but for testing and meter does work in circuit test mode, confirming bad dial, but for $20 worth a shot and looks cool, mfg 1964, thanks colmans

  3. Rated 2 out of 5

    Roy (verified owner)

    Bezel above the indicator needle was cracked, for $20.00 I took a chance .

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeff Nichols (verified owner)

    Sent mine into for calibration and it passed! It is a working meter. Your results may vary but for $20 and a calibration fee I have a fully functioning meter. What a deal. Thanks again Coleman’s Military Surplus!

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