Gamma Radiation Detector (Geiger Counter) CDV-720, Non-Functional

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Apparently the Cold War is over… or at least a Federal regulatory agency apparently thinks so! We were lucky enough to pick up a few of these Geiger Counters from a Federal Warehouse from which they were distributed to Fallout Shelters and civilian “Bomb Shelters” around the country during the Cold War. The unit is marked with the Civil Defense logo – a blue circle with a white triangle and red letters CD in the center of the circle. This unit is being sold as NON-FUNCTIONAL. That means it will make a great display piece or if you are great with electronics perhaps you can repair it.

– Detects dosage rates from 1 to 500. roentgens/hr wit +- 15% accuracy
– Detects both Gamma AND Beta radiation
– Zero Adjust Knob
– Analog screen range 0-5 roentgens/hr (r/hr is multiplied by the appropriate range scale as selected with range switch)
– Selector Switch Settings: Circuit check, Off, Zero (calibrate), X1 (0-5 r/hr), X10 (0-50 r/hr) X100 (0-500 r/hr)
– Unaffected by EMP (electro magnetic pulse), a phenomenon created by an atomic detonation which renders most electrical systems inoperative.
– Rugged construction, sealed meter is watertight and resists shock and vibration damage.
– Civil Defense Department instrument issued for civilian use in detecting high levels of radiation, such as might be present after a nuclear attack or reactor meltdown.
– Operates on standard D-Cell batteries (not included)
– Operates for over 150 hours continuous, much longer if used intermittently
– Manufactured in the early 60’s

Unlike most of the other Gamma detectors you’ll see, these units are NOT stamped with an “R” on the top of the case, which indicates that they are “refurbs”. These are NOT refurbs. We cannot warrant their functionality, accuracy or performance in a gamma or beta environment or otherwise. In the unlikely event that a maintenance issue would occur, the manual has a rather extensive troubleshooting and corrective maintenance section, including repair and replacement of resistors, diodes, etc. You can find many manuals and troubleshooting tips with a quick internet search.

Use of the term “Geiger counter” is in place solely as a buzz word. Many people recognize the term “Geiger counter”. What you are getting is described by the model numbers listed. Please research the capabilities and specifications of these specific model numbers before making a purchase. We do realize that some of these units may not be technically considered to be Geiger counters, rather radiation detectors.

This is a non-returnable item. Units may or may not come in an original box and may or may not include an original manual.

3 reviews for Gamma Radiation Detector (Geiger Counter) CDV-720, Non-Functional

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    jeremiah (verified owner)

    arrived in very good shape, did not pass circuit test at first, cleaned up the battery contacts and started working, for circuit test anyway, guess I got lucky, mine came in original serial # matching box, strap and manual, so pretty happy about that, mfg in 1961, from my research the 720 is one of the harder to find models, not as common as the 715 or 717, so nice to get one, 715 and 717 just measure gamma radiation, which is rays like xrays, this model does gamma and has sliding door on bottom to measure beta radiation such as fallout, but i hope I never get a chance to use it for that, but just in case, thanks colemans

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    deplorable (verified owner)

    Perfect like new condition and it looks as if it had never been out of the box. I put batteries in and tightened the set screws on both of the control knobs and it works like a charm.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Richard (verified owner)

    Mine seemed to of lived a very rough life before I received it, a few dents and dings and such but very nice otherwise.
    I put batteries in it and the needle moves but does not detect my uranium doped marbles at all. With my USB Inspector+ I get ~500cpm from them.

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