What are the Best Survival Gear Items You Need?

What are the Best Survival Gear Items You Need?

Whether you are camping, hunting, military training, or just like being prepared for anything, there is a survival gear list that you should check off to make your life easier while “roughing it” in the great outdoors or a power outage.

What are the seven survival items you must have?

  1. The Magnesium Fire Starter

    Fire starter

    First things first, one of the most important things that you must consider in your survival gear is a way to start a fire. Unless we plan on waiting for lightning to strike on a pile of wood in our nearest proximity, we must build our own fires.

    Fire is necessary to secure warmth, cook food, sterilize water, and scare off animals. It is a handy tool for fireplaces as well. Starting a controlled fire can be as easy as a snap with the magnesium fire starter!

  2. The HDPE 5 Gallon Handled Container

    Handled containers

    The HDPE (High-density polyethylene) handled container is perfect for storing water, liquid foods, oil, and more, not at the same time, of course. So grab a few of these and reserve your necessities in them.

    To protect your safety, make sure to label the containers to prevent unfortunate mix-ups! In addition, the handles lend these containers to accessible transportation.

  3. The NATO Military Jerry Can

    Jerry Can

    The good ol’ Jerry Can have been a staple in survival kits for decades. These sturdy cans are typically used to carry large amounts of liquids.

    Nozzles can be attached to them to make pouring more precise and prevent spilling. Nato Jerry Cans are perfect for traveling, camping, and storage at home. They are very robust and can withstand many years of use.

  4. MREs (Meals Ready to Eat)

    (Meals Ready to Eat)

    To survive, you must eat! You need nourishment for your body to create enough energy to perform the tasks necessary to survive outdoors. Most military survival gear kits include MRES, but they are not limited to military personnel at all!

    You can purchase these in bulk and receive a variety of tasty meals that are great for camping, hiking, or just decent meals when your fridge and pantry are running on empty. The meals are easy to prepare, require no refrigeration, and come with their own heating source and utensils. They have a shelf life of about five years.

  5. U.S G.I. Go Anywhere Sanitary Toilet Kit Bags

    Sanitary Toilet Kit Bags

    Sanitary Toilet Kit Bags may be overlooked pieces of outdoor survival gear, but they immensely come in handy when nature calls. The idea of doing the do in the bushes next to Yogi the Bear may sound cool in theory, but why go in the woods when you can sit on your own throne as the king or queen of the outdoors? These sanitary bags sit inside buckets or wastebaskets and can deodorize and break down waste! The kits come with toilet paper and hand sanitizers.

  6. U.S. G.I. Entrenching Tool/Tri-Fold Shovel

    Tri-Fold Shovel

    Shovels have many uses, such as digging fire pits, managing hot embers in campfires, digging rain trenches, and even defending yourself from hostile predators. The U.S G.I. Entrenching Tool/Tri-Fold Shovel is a survival gear item you should definitely keep with you. The multipurpose shovel is lightweight and easy to carry. In addition, this tri-fold shovel has two serrated edges for sawing and slicing, making chopping roots and more a breeze.

  7. Platoon First Aid Kit

    Platoon First Aid Kit

    First Aid Kits are essential because even though we like to think that we are invincible, there is still a possibility that we could obtain injuries. Therefore, we should always stay ready to don’t have to scramble to find something to heal the wound. The Platoon First Aid Kit comes with bandaging tools, infection-fighting wipes, pain relievers, latex gloves, and more.

What are the five essentials to survival?

  • Food – You should have nutrients for energy to stay alive.
  • Water – Staying hydrated is essential!
  • Fuel – You need fuel for creating fire, operating tools, and traveling.
  • Shelter – Securing shelter is vital for survival against harsh elements.
  • Warm Clothing – Warm clothes help protect your skin from harsh elements and from you getting sick.

What are the top 10 survival tools?

  1. Platoon First Aid Kit – As mentioned before, you must be prepared for any chance of injuries, so no wonder first aid kits are the top survival tools!
  2. U.S. G.I. Next Generation Improved Entrenching Tool – This multifunctional tool will literally get you out of tough spots.
  3. USMC OKC-3S Bayonet – Knives are handy tools for survival; whether it is protecting yourself, cooking, or crafting, you’ll need something to cut with. This solid military Bayonet is a dependable companion you need to be strapped with.
  4. Disaster Blanket – In case power is unavailable; you need to make sure you can secure warmth. These wool blankets should be a staple in every survival kit. But, of course, these blankets are not limited to disasters; you can cuddle up with them on your couch!
  5. Emergency Candles – In case of power outages, these candles are excellent light sources. Even if you don’t have enough oil to burn a lamp, these candles will come through in a clutch. All you need is a lighter or match to get these guys glowing.
  6. U.S. G.I. Reversible Multipurpose Field Tarp – Field tarps are quick fixes for emergency shelter from the elements. These tarps are unique because you can use them as rain garments, sleeping bags, covering vulnerable supplies, and more.
  7. U.S. G.I. Paracord – Paracords are perfect for crafting, camping, hunting, and anything else you can think of. Keep some bundles in your survival kits for whenever you need to tie down something!
  8. Swiss Military M84 Canteen – Since water is one of the five essential things you need for survival, you’re going to need a safe vessel to drink it from. These military canteens are high quality and easy to carry with you to make sure you stay hydrated.
  9. Radio Communications – An excellent old trusty radio is your best friend for survival. Use the radio as a means of communication, keep up with weather reports or perhaps even provide some entertainment.
  10. Anglehead Flashlight – The classic flashlight should always be within your reach so that you never get stuck in the dark. You can also use flashlights to create distress signals when you need help.

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