Vintage Polish Military Wool Blanket


Vintage Polish Military Wool Blanket

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Please read this description very carefully, as each blanket is stunningly unique and different! The pictures shown are just a few examples of the different variations of this blanket.

These Cold War Era blankets are both bold and stunningly beautiful. They are easily some of the most interesting and unique blankets we have ever come across. While digging through warehouses in Europe, we were quite lucky to find such a hidden gem and we bought them all! The challenge is that almost every blanket is different! Faced with this dilemma of so many colors and patterns we decided to sell them by color. This means you pick one color (listed in the drop down box) and your blanket will contain at least that one color. That does not mean it will be the only color of the blanket, that simply means it will be sure to have the color you picked represented. The patterns also vary so more than likely each blanket you order will be different. These blankets all measure approximately 60’’ x 80’’. Edges of the blankets may also vary from whipped stitching to hemmed. Unused condition. Individual blankets typically weigh just under 4lbs. Genuine European Military Surplus.

Many incoming shipments that come from the US government or other sources are mixed lots which may have been made by different manufacturers at different times and may vary from unit to unit. This is standard in the military surplus industry. Fabric content will vary. 

Additional Information
Color Burgundy,Blue,Orange,Yellow,Red,Brown,Green,Gray,Pink
Prop 65 Ca Residents Only
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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So if you don't know what the content of the blanket is then how can you say it's a military wool blanket

I tried to translate the label on one of the blankets using google, looks like wool and cellulose are content from label, 5 % weln 59% celulezy. not sure if that is accurate.

Hi! How do you recommend cleaning these blankets?

Cold wash on gentle cycle. Hang air dry, do not put in dryer.

Any idea of the weight per blanket? I am guessing 2.5 lbs.

Individual blankets typically weigh just under 4lbs.